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4321 Winslow English Stone marker of friendship. Surname. M
4322 Winslowe English From Wine's hill. M
4323 Winsor English From Windsor. M
4324 Winston English From Wine's town; from a friend's town. Famous Bearer: Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), World War II British statesman. M
4325 Winswode English From Wine's forest. M
4326 Wintanweorth English From the white one's estate. M
4327 Winter English Born in the winter. M
4328 Winthorp English From Wine's estate. M
4329 Winthrop English Friend's village; friend's farm; from Wine's estate. M

4330 Winton English From Wine's farm. M
4331 Winward English From Wine's forest. M
4332 Winwodem English From Wine's forest. M
4333 Winwood English From Wine's forest. M
4334 Wireceaster English From the alder forest army camp. M
4335 Witt English Wise. M
4336 Witta English Wise. M
4337 Wittahere English Wise wamor. M
4338 Wittatun English From the wise man's estate. M
4339 Witter English Wise wamor. M
4340 Witton English From the wise man's estate. M


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