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4281 Wiley English Well-watered meadow. M
4282 Wilf English Diminutive of Wilfred: Peace/will. M
4283 Wilford English From the willow ford 'Desires peace.'. M
4284 Wilfred English Peace. M
4285 Wilfredo English Desires peace. M
4286 Wilfrid English Peace. M
4287 Wilfryd English Peace. M
4288 Will English Diminutive of William 'Resolute protector; will.'. M
4289 Willa English Resolute. M

4290 Willaburh English From the strong fortress. M
4291 Willard English Resolute or brave. M
4292 Willesone English Son of William. M
4293 Willhard English Resolute or brave. M
4294 William English Resolute protector; will. For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conquer's name. The firstborn son of Prince Charles is named William. M
4295 Williams English Son of William. M
4296 Williamson English Son of William. M
4297 Willie English Resolute; will. Abbreviation of names beginning with Will-. M
4298 Willis English Resolute protector; will. Surname. M
4299 Willoughby English From the willow farm. M
4300 Willy English Diminutive of William or any names begining with 'Will-' ; 'Resolute protector; will.'. M

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