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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
621 Enrichetta Italian Ruler. F
622 Enrika Teutonic Ruler of the home. F

623 Enriqua Spanish Ruler. F
624 Enriqueta Spanish Ruler. F
625 Enriqueta Teutonic Ruler of the home. F
626 Entoria Latin Lover of Satum. F
627 Eny Irish Ardent. F
628 Eny Latin One of the Graeae. F
629 Enyd English Fair. F
630 Enygeus ArthurianLegend Grandmotber of Percival. F
631 Enyo Greek Goddess of war. F
632 Enyo Latin One of the Graeae. F
633 Eos Greek The dawn. F

634 Eos Latin Goddess of dawn. F
635 Eostre Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the dawn. F
636 Epaphras Biblical Covered with foam. F
637 Epaphroditus Biblical Agreeable, handsome. F
638 Epenetus Biblical Laudable, worthy of praise. F
639 Eph-lal Biblical Judging, praying. F
640 Ephah Biblical Weary, tired. F

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