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1041 Rufus Biblical Red M
1042 Rufus Latin Red; red haired. M
1043 Rugby English From the raven's estate. M
1044 Rugby Shakespearean 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' Servant to Doctor Caius. M
1045 Ruggero Italian Italian form of Roger 'famous spear'. M
1046 Ruggero Teutonic Famous fighter. M
1047 Ruggiero Teutonic Famous fighter. M
1048 Ruhamah Biblical Having obtained mercy. M
1049 Ruhdugeard English From the rough enclosure. M

1050 Ruhleah English From the rough meadow. M
1051 Rui French Regal. M
1052 Rule French Famous wolf. M
1053 Rule Latin Ruler. M
1054 Rumah Biblical Exalted, sublime, rejected. M
1055 Rumenea Welsh Dwells near the curving river. M
1056 Rumford English From the wide ford. M
1057 Rumour Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 2' The play's presenter. M
1058 Rune English A rune. M
1059 Rune German Secret. M
1060 Rune Swedish Senet. M

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