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Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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681 Vilis Teutonic Resolute defender. M
682 Viljo Teutonic Resolute defender. M
683 Vilmos Teutonic Resolute fighter. M
684 Volker Teutonic People's defender. M
685 Volney Teutonic Of the people. M
686 Waldemar Teutonic Strong fighter. M
687 Waldemarr Teutonic Strong fighter. M
688 Walden Teutonic Strong fighter. M
689 Waldo Teutonic Strong fighter. M

690 Waldram Teutonic Mighty raven. M
691 Wallace Teutonic From Wales. M
692 Wallis Teutonic From Wales. M
693 Walt Teutonic Strong fighter. M
694 Walter Teutonic Strong fighter. M
695 Walther Teutonic Strong fighter. M
696 Ward Teutonic Guard. M
697 Waring Teutonic Heedful. M
698 Warner Teutonic Protecting army. M
699 Warren Teutonic Protecting friend. M
700 Warrick Teutonic Protecting ruler. M

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