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Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Ada Teutonic Happy. F
2 Adabel Teutonic Lovely or happy. F
3 Adal Teutonic Noble. F
4 Adalia Teutonic Noble. F
5 Adalie Teutonic Noble. F
6 Adalina Teutonic Noble. F
7 Adaline Teutonic Noble. F
8 Ade!a Teutonic Noble. F
9 Adel Teutonic Noble. F

10 Adelicia Teutonic Noble. F
11 Adelina Teutonic Noble. F
12 Adeline Teutonic Noble. F
13 Adhelle Teutonic Lovely or happy. F
14 Adolphine Teutonic Feminine form of Adolph. Noble wolf. F
15 AdoQhina Teutonic Feminine form of Adolph. Noble wolf. F
16 Ailsa Teutonic Good humor. F
17 Aimiliana Teutonic Hard working. F
18 Aimilionia Teutonic Hard working. F
19 Alarica Teutonic Universal ruler. F
20 Alaricia Teutonic Universal ruler. F

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