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Popular Spanish names for girls and boys

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661 Seina Spanish Innocent. F
662 Senalda Spanish Sign. F
663 Senona Spanish Lively. F
664 Serafina Spanish Seraph. F
665 Serena Spanish Serene. F
666 Shoshana Spanish Lily. F
667 Simona Spanish God is heard. F
668 Socorro Spanish Help. F
669 Sofia Spanish Wise. F

670 Solana Spanish Sunshine. F
671 Soledad Spanish Solitary. F
672 Soledada Spanish Solitary. F
673 Suelita Spanish Little lily. F
674 Susana Spanish Lily. Variant of Hebrew Susannah. F
675 Tabora Spanish Plays a small drum. F
676 Tanis Spanish Spanish abbreviation of Estanislao 'make famous' from the name borne by several Slavic kings and three saints. F
677 Telma Spanish Variant of Greek Thelma: Will; wilful. F
678 Teodora Spanish God given. Feminine of Theodore. F
679 Terceira Spanish Born third. F
680 Teresa Spanish Variant of Theresa. Name of two popular saints 'Teresa of Avila' and 'Therese of Lisieux'. F

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