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Popular Shakespearean names for girls and boys

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121 Claudius Shakespearean 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' King of Denmark. M
122 Cleomenes Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' Lord of Sicilia. M
123 Cleon Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' Governor of Tharsus M
124 Clifford Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Lord Clifford. Also Young Clifford, son to Lord Clifford. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Lord Clifford. M
125 Clitus Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A servant to Brutus. M
126 Cloten Shakespearean 'Cymbeline' The Queen's son by a former husband. M
127 Cobweb Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' A fairy. M
128 Colville Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Sir John Colville. M
129 Cominius Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Titus Lartius, a general against the Volscians. M

130 Conrade Shakespearean 'Much Ado About Nothing' Follower of Don John. M
131 Corin Shakespearean As You Like It' A shepherd. M
132 Coriolanus Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Caius Marcius Coriolanus. M
133 Cornelius Shakespearean 'Cymbeline' A physician. 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' A courtier. M
134 Cornwall Shakespearean 'Tragedy of King Lear' Duke of Cornwall. M
135 Costard Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' A clown. M
136 Court Shakespearean 'King Henry V' Soldier in the King's army. M
137 Cranmer Shakespearean 'King Henry the Eighth' Archbishop of Canterbury M
138 Cromwell Shakespearean 'King Henry the Eighth' Servant to Wolsey. M
139 Cupid Shakespearean 'The Life of Timon of Athens' M
140 Curan Shakespearean 'Tragedy of King Lear' A courtier. M

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