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61 Galilahi NativeAmerican Attractive (Cherokee). F
62 Hakidonmuya NativeAmerican Time of waiting (Hopi). F
63 Halona NativeAmerican Of happy fortune. F
64 Hausis NativeAmerican Old woman (Algonquin). F
65 Hausisse NativeAmerican Old woman (Algonquin). F
66 Hehewuti NativeAmerican Warrior mother spirit (Hopi). F
67 Honovi NativeAmerican Strong deer (Hopi). F
68 Humita NativeAmerican Shelled corn (Hopi). F
69 Hurit NativeAmerican Beautiful (Algonquin). F

70 Imala NativeAmerican Disaplines. F
71 Isi NativeAmerican Deer (Choctaw). F
72 Istas NativeAmerican Snow. F
73 Ituha NativeAmerican Sturdy oak. F
74 Izusa NativeAmerican White stone. F
75 Kachina NativeAmerican Spirit (Hopi). F
76 Kakawangwa NativeAmerican Bitter (Hopi). F
77 Kanti NativeAmerican Sings (Algonquin). F
78 Kasa NativeAmerican Dressed in furs (Hopi). F
79 Kay NativeAmerican Elder sister (Hopi). F
80 Keegsquaw NativeAmerican Virgin (Algonquin). F

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