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Popular Italian names for girls and boys

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1 Aberto Italian Italian form of Albert noble. M
2 Abramo Italian Italian form of Abraham father of many. M
3 Adriano Italian From the Adtiatic. M
4 Alanzo Italian Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso. M
5 Alba Italian A place name. M
6 Aldo Italian Old one; elder. M
7 Alessandro Italian Italian form of Alexander defender of man. M
8 Alfredo Italian Italian form of Alfred counselor of the elves. M
9 Alonso Italian Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso. M

10 Alonzo Italian Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso. M
11 Alrigo Italian Rules the estate. M
12 Amadeo Italian Loved God. M
13 Ambrosi Italian Italian form of Amhrose 'immortal'. M
14 Amo Italian The eagle rules. M
15 Anastagio Italian Divine. M
16 Anastasio Italian Resurrection. M
17 Anastasius Italian Variant of Anastasio: Resurrection. M
18 Andino Italian Manly; brave. Variant of English Andrew. M
19 Andrea Italian Italian form of Andrew 'manly'. M
20 Angelino Italian Messenger. Biblical name for spirit messengers God sends men. M

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