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21 Zahrah Arabic White. F
22 Zahrah Muslim Flower. Beauty. Star.. F
23 Zaib Muslim Decoration. Beauty.. F
24 Zaiba Muslim Beautiful. Adorned.. F
25 Zaibaa Muslim Variant of Zaiba: Beautiful. Adorned.. F
26 Zaida Arabic Lucky. F
27 Zainab Muslim Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.. F
28 Zair Biblical Little, afflicted, in tribulation. F
29 Zaira Irish Irish form of Sara: princess. F

30 Zaira Italian Dawning. F
31 Zakiyyah Muslim Sharp. Intellectual. Pure. Pious.. F
32 Zakkiyya Muslim Variant of Zakiyyah: Sharp. Intellectual. Pure. Pious.. F
33 Zalika African Well-born. (Swahili). F
34 Zalika Egyptian Well born. F
35 Zaliki Egyptian Well born. F
36 Zaltana NativeAmerican High mountain. F
37 Zamora Hebrew Praised. F
38 Zamora Spanish From Zamora. F
39 Zamurrad Muslim Emerald. Precious stone.. F
40 Zamzummims Biblical Projects of crimes, enormous crimes. F

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