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81 Madihah Muslim Praiseworthy.. F
82 Madina Spanish Bitter; Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine. F
83 Madison English Surname derived from Matthew: (gift of Jah) or Matilda: (strong fighter). The mermaid heroine of the film 'Splash. '. F
84 Madmannah Biblical Measure of a gift, preparation of a garment. F
85 Madolen French Tower. F
86 Madonna Italian My lady. Respectful form of address similar to the French 'madame.' Used to signify Virgin Mary or art depicting her as a mother. F
87 Madonna Latin My lady. F
88 Madora Greek Ruler. F
89 Madra English Mother. F

90 Madre English Mother. F
91 Madre Spanish Mother. F
92 Madri Indian Wife of Pandu. F
93 Mady English Maiden. F
94 Mady German Maiden. F
95 Mae Anglo-Saxon Kinswomen. F
96 Mae English Variant of May: Month name. F
97 Mae French May. In Roman mythology Maia: (source of the month May) was goddess of spring growth. F
98 Mae Hebrew Bitter. F
99 Maegan Welsh Variant of Margaret - pearl - based on the abbreviation Meg. F
100 Maegth English Maiden. F

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