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721 Jozlyn French Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name. F
722 Jozsa Hebrew God will add. F
723 Juana Hebrew Gift from God. F
724 Juana Spanish God's gift. F
725 Juanetta Spanish Diminutive form of Juana derived from John. F
726 Juanisha Spanish Diminutive form of Juana derived from John. F
727 Juanita Hebrew Gift from God. F
728 Juanita Spanish Feminine form of Juan: The Spanish form of John: God is gracious. God's gift. F
729 Jucal Biblical Mighty, perfect. F

730 Juci Hebrew Praised. F
731 Juci Hungarian Praised. F
732 Jucika Hebrew Praised. F
733 Jucika Hungarian Praised. F
734 Jude Latin Young. F
735 Judeana Hebrew From Judea. F
736 Judeena Hebrew From Judea. F
737 Judi Hebrew Diminutive of Judith: Jewess. Praised. F
738 Judie Hebrew Praised; From Judea. F
739 Judit Hebrew Praised. F
740 Judit Swedish Swedish forrn of Judith: praised. F

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