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701 Joya English Rejoicing. F
702 Joya French Rejoicing. F
703 Joyann English Rejoicing. F
704 Joyann French Rejoicing. F
705 Joyanna English Rejoicing. F
706 Joyanna French Rejoicing. F
707 Joyanne English Rejoicing. F
708 Joyanne French Rejoicing. F
709 Joyce Celtic Feminine of Jodoc. F

710 Joyce English Cheerful. Merry. From the name of 7th-century hermit St Judoc (St Judocus or St Josse), who was the son of a Breton king. In medieval England, this name was given to children of either gender, although it is now used solely as a feminine name. F
711 Joyce Latin Happy. F
712 Joyceanne English Cheerful; merry. F
713 Joyceanne Latin Cheerful; merry. F
714 Joycelyn English Cheerful; merry. F
715 Joycelyn Latin Cheerful; merry. F
716 Joycelynn English Cheerful; merry. F
717 Joyelle English Rejoicing. F
718 Joyelle French Rejoicing. F
719 Jozachar Biblical Remembering, of the male sex. F
720 Jozlyn English Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name. F

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