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501 Hortense Latin Gardener. F
502 Hortensia English Derived from the feminine form of the Roman clan name Hortensius. F
503 Hortenspa Polish Polish form of Hortensia: farmer. F
504 Hosah Biblical Trusting. F
505 Hosanna Biblical Save I pray thee, keep, preserve. F
506 Hosanna Hebrew A prayer. F
507 Hoshaiah Biblical The salvation of the Lord. F
508 Hoshi Japanese Star. F
509 Hrefna Norse Daughter of Asgeir. F

510 Hrodny Norse Mother of Hoskuld. F
511 Hrothbeorhta English Bright or famous. F
512 Hrothberta English Bright or famous. F
513 Hrothbertina English Bright or famous. F
514 Hrothnerta English Bright or famous. F
515 Huberta German Intelligent. F
516 Huberta Teutonic Intelligent. F
517 Huberte Teutonic Intelligent. F
518 Huda Muslim Right guidance.. F
519 Huette English Little Hugh. F
520 Huette French Feminine form of Hugh. F

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