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181 Zimmah Biblical Thought, wickedness. M
182 Zimra Hebrew Song. M
183 Zimran Biblical Song, singer, vine. M
184 Zimzi Biblical My field, my vine. M
185 Zin Biblical Buckler, coldness. M
186 Zina Biblical Shining, going back. M
187 Zindel Yiddish Defender of man. M
188 Zion Biblical Monument; raised up; sepulcher M
189 Zior Biblical Ship of him that watches M

190 Ziph Biblical This mouth or mouthful, falsehood. M
191 Ziphron Biblical Falsehood of a song, rejoicing M
192 Zippor Biblical Bird, sparrow, crown, desert. M
193 Zithri Biblical To hide, demolished. M
194 Ziv Hebrew Bright. M
195 Ziv Slavic Lively. M
196 Ziven Polish Alive and vigorous. M
197 Ziven Russian Alive. M
198 Ziven Slavic Lively. M
199 Zivon Russian Alive. M
200 Zivon Slavic Lively. M

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