Browse Boys Baby Names Starting with letter 'T'

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
21 Tabbart German Brilliant. M
22 Tabbath Biblical Good, goodness. M

23 Tabeal Biblical Good God M
24 Tabeel Biblical Good God M
25 Taber Irish Well. M
26 Taberah Biblical Burning. M
27 Tabish Muslim Warmth. Brilliance.. M
28 Tabor Biblical Choice, purity, bruising. M
29 Tabor Hebrew In the bible Mt. Tabor is a landmark mountain near Nazareth. M
30 Tabor Hungarian Camp. M
31 Tabor Spanish Plays a small drum. M
32 Tabrimon Biblical Good pomegranate, the navel, the middle. M
33 Tad English Abbreviation of Thaddeus who was one of Christ's 12 apostles. M

34 Tad Welsh Father. M
35 Tadao Japanese Complacent; satisfied. M
36 Tadd English Abbreviation of Thaddeus who was one of Christ's 12 apostles. M
37 Tadd Welsh Father. M
38 Tadeo Aramaic Praise. M
39 Tadeo Spanish Praise. M
40 Tadhg Celtic Mythical a prince of Munster. M

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