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121 Imadudin Muslim Variant of Imadudeen: The pillar of the Faith.. M
122 Imam Muslim Leader. Chief.. M
123 Imanol Hebrew God is with us. M
124 Imlah Biblical Plentitude; circumcision M
125 Immanuel Biblical God with us M
126 Immanuel German Variant of Emanuel 'With us is God.'. M
127 Immanuel Hebrew Variant of Emanuel: God is with us; god is among us. M
128 Immer Biblical Saying, speaking, a lamb. M
129 Imnah Biblical Right hand; numbering; preparing M

130 Imraan Muslim Variant of Imran: A Prophet's name.. M
131 Imrah Biblical A rebel, waxing bitter, changing. M
132 Imran Muslim A Prophet's name.. M
133 Imre Hungarian Innocent. M
134 Imre Teutonic Hard working. M
135 Imreen Muslim Variant of Imrin: The Biblical Areran is the English language equivalent.. M
136 Imri Biblical Speaking, exalting, bitter, a lamb. M
137 Imrin Muslim The Biblical Areran is the English language equivalent.. M
138 Imtiaaz Muslim Variant of Imtiaz: Privilege. Distinction.. M
139 Imtiaz Muslim Privilege. Distinction.. M
140 In'aam Muslim Variant of In'am: Gift. Grant.. M

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