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401 Iye NativeAmerican Smoke. M
402 Izaac Dutch Laughter. M
403 Izaak German Laughter. M
404 Izaak Hebrew Variant of Isaac: He laughs. Laughter. Child of laughter. M
405 Izehar Biblical Clearness, oil. M
406 Izhaar Muslim Variant of Izhar: Revelation. Declaration.. M
407 Izhar Biblical Clearness, oil. M
408 Izhar Muslim Revelation. Declaration.. M
409 Izmirlian Armenian From Izmir. M

410 Izrahiah Biblical The Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord M
411 Izreal Hebrew Ruling with the Lord. M
412 Izri Biblical Fasting, tribulation. M
413 Izsak Hungarian Hungarian form of Isaac 'laughter'. M
414 Izzudeen Muslim Variant of Izzudin: Might of the Faith.. M
415 Izzudin Muslim Might of the Faith.. M

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