Browse Boys Baby Names Starting with letter 'D'

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1041 Dnias ArthurianLegend A murderer. M
1042 Doane English Hilly. M

1043 Dob English Brilliant. M
1044 Dobhailen Gaelic Fierce. M
1045 Dobieslaw Polish Strives for glory. M
1046 Dobromierz Polish Good/famous. M
1047 Dobromil Czech Good grace. M
1048 Dobromil Polish Good grace. M
1049 Dobromir Czech Good fame. M
1050 Dobroslav Czech Good glory. M
1051 Dobroslaw Polish Good glory. M
1052 Dobry Polish Good. M
1053 Doctor English Doctor; teacher. M

1054 Dodai Biblical Beloved. M
1055 Dodanim Biblical Beloved. M
1056 Dodavah Biblical Love. M
1057 Dodek Polish Gift; hero. M
1058 Dodo Biblical His uncle M
1059 Dodya Hebrew Variant of David: Cherished. Famous bearers: British pop star David Bowie, American talk-show host David Letterman. M
1060 Doeg Biblical Careful, who acts with uneasiness. M

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