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Popular Welsh names for girls and boys

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141 Gwendolen Welsh Fair. Blessed. White browed. White circle. F
142 Gwendoline Welsh Fair. Blessed. White browed. White circle. F
143 Gwendolyn Welsh Fair. Blessed. White browed. White circle. F
144 Gwener Welsh Welsh form of Venus, goddess of love. F
145 Gweneth Welsh Fair; blessed. F
146 Gwenhwyfar Welsh Fair and yielding. F
147 Gwenhwyvar Welsh White. F
148 Gwenledyr Welsh Legendary daughter of Gwawrddur Hunchback. F
149 Gwenn Alarch Welsh Legendary daughter of Kynwal. F

150 Gwenna Welsh Fair; blessed. F
151 Gwenyth Welsh Fair; blessed. F
152 Gwladys Welsh A variant of Claudia, meaning lame. F
153 Gwyn Welsh Diminutive of Gwyneth: White. Fair. Happiness. Blessed. F
154 Gwyndolen Welsh White browed. F
155 Gwyndolyn Welsh Fair; blessed. F
156 Gwynedd Welsh White, happiness, blessed. Also a North Wales county name. F
157 Gwyneth Welsh White. Fair. Happiness. Blessed. F
158 Gwynn Welsh Fair; blessed. F
159 Gwynne Welsh White. F
160 Gwynneth Welsh White. Fair. Happiness. Blessed. F

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