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Popular Spanish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
281 Ema Spanish Grandmother. F
282 Emerald Spanish The prized green emerald gemstone. F

283 Emesta Spanish Serious. F
284 Emilia Spanish Flattering. F
285 Emilie Spanish Flattering. F
286 Encarnacion Spanish Reference to the Incarnation. F
287 Engracia Spanish Graceful. F
288 Enrica Spanish Rules her household. Feminine of Henry. F
289 Enriqua Spanish Ruler. F
290 Enriqueta Spanish Ruler. F
291 Erendira Spanish Name of a princess. F
292 Erendiria Spanish Name of a princess. F
293 Erlene Spanish Shield. From the German name Herlinde. F

294 Erlina Spanish Shield. From the German name Herlinde. F
295 Ernesta Spanish Serious; determined. Feminine of Emest. F
296 Eskama Spanish Merciful. F
297 Eskame Spanish Merciful. F
298 Esma Spanish Emerald. F
299 Esme Spanish Emerald. F
300 Esmeralda Spanish The emerald gemstone. Famous bearer: the heroine of Victor Hugo's novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. F

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