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Popular Spanish names for girls and boys

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401 Raulo Spanish Wise. M
402 Rayman Spanish Form of Raymond 'Guards wisely.'. M
403 Raymon Spanish Form of Raymond 'Guards wisely.'. M
404 Renaldo Spanish Counselor-ruler. M
405 Renato Spanish To rise again. M
406 Reno Spanish Abbreviation of names like Moreno. A city in Nevada. M
407 Rey Spanish King. M
408 Reyes Spanish Kings. M
409 Reynaldo Spanish Counselor-ruler. M

410 Reynardo Spanish Strong counselor. M
411 Ricardo Spanish Strong ruler. M
412 Richie Spanish Variant of Richard. M
413 Rico Spanish Strong ruler. M
414 Rio Spanish River. Abbreviation of names ending with '-rio.'. M
415 Ritchie Spanish Variant of Richard. M
416 Roano Spanish Reddish brown skin. M
417 Roberto Spanish Spanish form of Robert 'shining fame'. M
418 Rodas Spanish Roses. M
419 Roderigo Spanish Notable leader. M
420 Rodolfo Spanish Spanish form of Rudolph 'famous wolf'. M

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