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121 Nittawosew NativeAmerican She is not sterile (Algonquin). F
122 Nituna NativeAmerican Daughter. F
123 Nokomis NativeAmerican Grandmother (Chippewa). F
124 Nova NativeAmerican Chases butterfly (Hopi). F
125 Nukpana NativeAmerican Evil (Hopi). F
126 Numees NativeAmerican Sister (Algonquin). F
127 Nuna NativeAmerican Land. F
128 Nuttah NativeAmerican My heart (Algonquin). F
129 Odahingum NativeAmerican Rippling water (Chippewa). F

130 Ogin NativeAmerican Wild rose. F
131 Olathe NativeAmerican Beautiful. F
132 Ominotago NativeAmerican Beautiful voice (Chippewa). F
133 Onawa NativeAmerican Wide awake. F
134 Onida NativeAmerican The one searched for. F
135 Oota dabun NativeAmerican Day star (Algonquin). F
136 Pakwa NativeAmerican Frog (Hopi). F
137 Pamuy NativeAmerican Water moon (Hopi). F
138 Pauwau NativeAmerican Witch (Algonquin). F
139 Pavati NativeAmerican Clear water (Hopi). F
140 Peta NativeAmerican Golden eagle (Black Foot). F

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