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101 Mansi NativeAmerican Plucked flower (Hopi). F
102 Maralah NativeAmerican Born during an earthquake. F
103 Mausi NativeAmerican Plucks flowers. F
104 Meda NativeAmerican Prophetess. F
105 Memdi NativeAmerican Henna. F
106 Meoquanee NativeAmerican Wears red (Chippewa). F
107 Miakoda NativeAmerican Power of the moon Note: 'This Database is Copyright Muse Creations Inc. 2000'.. F
108 Migisi NativeAmerican Eagle (Chippewa). F
109 Mika NativeAmerican Intelligent raccoon. F

110 Minal NativeAmerican Fruit. F
111 Mona NativeAmerican Gathered of the seed of a jimson weed. F
112 Muna NativeAmerican Overflowing spring (Hopi). F
113 Nadie NativeAmerican Wise (Algonquin). F
114 Namid NativeAmerican Star dancer (Chippewa). F
115 Nara NativeAmerican From Nara. F
116 Nashota NativeAmerican Twin. F
117 Nata NativeAmerican Speaker. F
118 Nijlon NativeAmerican Mistress (Algonquin). F
119 Nina NativeAmerican Strong. F
120 Nita NativeAmerican Bear (Choctaw). F

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