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21 Alikkees NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning haircut. M
22 Allahkoliken NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning antlers. M
23 Alo NativeAmerican Spiritual guide (Hopi). M
24 Anakausuen NativeAmerican Worker (Algonquin). M
25 Angvariationu Toke NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning another day. M
26 Annawan NativeAmerican Variant of Annawon: Algonquin name meaning Chief. M
27 Annawon NativeAmerican Algonquin name meaning Chief. M
28 Anoki NativeAmerican Actor. M
29 Apash Wyakaikt NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning flint necklace. M

30 Apenimon NativeAmerican Worthy of trust. M
31 Apiatan NativeAmerican Kiowa name meaning lance. M
32 Aponivi NativeAmerican Where the wind blows down the gap (Hopi). M
33 Appanoose NativeAmerican Sauk word for child. M
34 Ar-ke-kee-tah NativeAmerican Oto name meaning stay. M
35 Aranck NativeAmerican Stars (Algonquin). M
36 Arapoosh NativeAmerican Crow name meaning stomach ache. M
37 Arre-catte Waho NativeAmerican Omaha name meaning large elk. M
38 Ashishishe NativeAmerican Crow name for crow. M
39 Ashkii NativeAmerican Boy (Navajo). M
40 Ashkii Dighin NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning sacred child; holy child. M

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