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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1621 Peregrina Latin Wanderer. F
1622 Peregrine Latin Foreigner; stranger; pilgrim; traveler; wanderer. F

1623 Pero Latin Mother of Asopus. F
1624 Perpetua Latin Perpetual; continual. F
1625 Perry Latin Diminutive of Peregrine: Foreigner; stranger; pilgrim; traveler; wanderer. F
1626 Persis Latin From persia. F
1627 Pertunda Latin Juno's surname. F
1628 Petra Latin Rock. F
1629 Petronella Latin Rock. F
1630 Petronia Latin Rock. F
1631 Petronilla Latin Rock. F
1632 Petula Latin To seek; to attack. F
1633 Phaedra Latin Daughter of Minos. F

1634 Phoebe Latin Daughter of Leda. F
1635 Phoenice Latin Mother of Torone. F
1636 Phrysia Latin Head goddess of Cybele. F
1637 Phylo Latin Handmaiden of Helen. F
1638 Pia Latin Pious. F
1639 Pilumnus Latin Goddess of birthing. F
1640 Piri Latin Archaic. F

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