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101 Amanda Latin Lovable, worthy of love. Some scholars believe this name was invented by 17th century British dramatist Colley Cibber who gave it to a character in his play 'Love's Last Shift.' Noel Coward later named a character Amanda in 'Private Lives'. F
102 Amara Latin Beloved. F
103 Amare Latin Beloved. F
104 Amata Latin Latinized form of the French/English Amy meaning dearly beloved. Treasured. F
105 Amelia Latin Industrious. Striving. F
106 Amelinda Latin Hard working. F
107 Amelita Latin Hard working. F
108 Amicia Latin Latinized form of the French Amice, which is from the Latin Amico meaning friend. F
109 Amilia Latin Hard working. F

110 Aminta Latin Protector. A 17th century literary invention inspired by the Greek name for protector. F
111 Amity Latin Friendly. F
112 Amoretta Latin Little love. F
113 Amorette Latin Little love. F
114 Amorita Latin Dearly loved. F
115 Amphitrite Latin Aunt of Achilles. F
116 Amymone Latin One of the Danaides. F
117 Amynta Latin Protector. F
118 Amyntas Latin Protector. F
119 Anabel Latin Beautiful. Graceful. F
120 Anabelle Latin Beautiful. Graceful. F

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