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Popular Italian names for girls and boys

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261 Rozalia Italian Rose. F
262 Rufina Italian Red haired. F
263 Sabrina Italian From the border. F
264 Sancia Italian Holy. F
265 Sebastiana Italian Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. F
266 Sebastiene Italian Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. F
267 Serafina Italian From the seraph. F
268 Serena Italian Serene. F
269 Simona Italian Italian form of Simone: one who hears. F

270 Speranza Italian Hope. F
271 Stansie Italian Constant. F
272 Susanna Italian Variant of Hebrew Susannah. F
273 Tazia Italian Abbreviation of Anastasia: one who will be reborn. F
274 Teodora Italian Gift from God. F
275 Teresa Italian Harvester. F
276 Teresina Italian Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning. F
277 Terza Italian Born third. F
278 Tiberia Italian From the Tiber. F
279 Traviata Italian Astray. F
280 Trilby Italian Sings with trills. F


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