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61 Juci Hungarian Praised. F
62 Jucika Hungarian Praised. F
63 Julcsa Hungarian Youthful. F
64 Juliska Hungarian Youthful. F
65 Karola Hungarian Feminine form of Karl, meaning manly. F
66 Karole Hungarian Variant of Carol, meaning joy. F
67 Karolina Hungarian Feminine form of Karl, meaning manly. F
68 Kat Hungarian Pure. F
69 Katakin Hungarian Pure. F

70 Katalin Hungarian Pure. F
71 Katarina Hungarian Variant of Katherine. Pure. F
72 Kati Hungarian Abbreviation of Katherine. Pure. F
73 Katinka Hungarian Pure. F
74 Kriszta Hungarian Christian. F
75 Ktisztina Hungarian Christian. F
76 Lenci Hungarian Light. F
77 Linka Hungarian Mannish. F
78 Liza Hungarian Consecrated to God. F
79 Malcsi Hungarian Industrious. F
80 Malika Hungarian Industrious. F

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