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41 Kalinda Hindi Sun. F
42 Kallie Hindi In Mythology Kali is wife of Shiva and a Hindu goddess symbolizing the essence of destruction. F
43 Kamala Hindi Lotus. F
44 Kantha Hindi Wife. F
45 Kanya Hindi Virgin. F
46 Karka Hindi Crab. F
47 Kasi Hindi From Kasi. F
48 Kaveri Hindi From the sacred river Kaveri. F
49 Kesava Hindi She of the beautiful hair. F

50 Kiran Hindi Ray. F
51 Kumuda Hindi Flower. F
52 Lakshmi Hindi Wife of Vishnu. F
53 Lalasa Hindi Love. F
54 Lalita Hindi Named for the Lalita Vistara. F
55 Lanka Hindi From Lanka. F
56 Madhur Hindi Gentle. F
57 Mahesa Hindi Wife of Shiva. F
58 Manda Hindi Pivotal. F
59 Mandara Hindi From Mandara. F
60 Matrika Hindi Divine Mother. F

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