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Popular Greek names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1041 Vasileios Greek Regal. M
1042 Vasilis Greek Regal. M

1043 Vasos Greek Regal. M
1044 VasyItso Greek Regal. M
1045 Vasyklo Greek Regal. M
1046 Vasyl Greek Regal. M
1047 Xanthus Greek A river god. M
1048 Xeno Greek Strange voice. M
1049 Xenophon Greek Strange voice. M
1050 Xenos Greek Stranger. M
1051 Xerxes Greek Leaving. M
1052 Xuthus Greek Son of Helen. M
1053 Xylon Greek From the forest. M

1054 Yehor Greek Farmer. M
1055 Yjo Greek Farmer. M
1056 Yura Greek Farmer. M
1057 Yure Greek Farmer. M
1058 Yuri Greek Farmer. M
1059 Yurii Greek Farmer. M
1060 Yurochka Greek Farmer. M

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