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621 Shan Gaelic old; wise. M
622 Sheridan Gaelic Bright. M
623 Sholto Gaelic Teal duck. M
624 SIaibhin Gaelic Mountain. M
625 Sim Gaelic Heard. M
626 Siolat Gaelic Teal duck. M
627 SIuaghan Gaelic Warrior. M
628 Skelley Gaelic Storyteller. M
629 Skelly Gaelic Storyteller. M

630 Slaven Gaelic Mountain. M
631 Slavin Gaelic Mountain. M
632 Sleven Gaelic Mountain. M
633 Slevin Gaelic Mountain. M
634 Slevyn Gaelic Mountain. M
635 Sloan Gaelic Warrior. M
636 Sloane Gaelic Warrior. M
637 Somerled Gaelic Asked of God. M
638 Somhairle Gaelic Asked of God. M
639 Steaphan Gaelic Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen. M
640 Stiabhan Gaelic Gaelic form of Stepher. M

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