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Popular Gaelic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
641 Tadhg Gaelic Poet. M
642 Taggart Gaelic Son of a prelate. M

643 Taidhg Gaelic Poet. M
644 Taithleach Gaelic Quiet. M
645 Teague Gaelic Poet. M
646 Tearlach Gaelic Manly. M
647 Tearley Gaelic Manly. M
648 Tearly Gaelic Manly. M
649 Teimhnean Gaelic Dark. M
650 Terrence Gaelic From the knolls. M
651 Thornton Gaelic Town of thorns. Thorn variants are English surnames occasionally used as given names. M
652 Tioboid Gaelic Bold. M
653 Tomas Gaelic Twin. M

654 Tormod Gaelic From the north. M
655 Torrance Gaelic From the knolls. M
656 Tuathal Gaelic Peaceful. M
657 Tulley Gaelic Peaceful. M
658 Tully Gaelic Peaceful. M
659 Tynan Gaelic Dark. M
660 Uilleam Gaelic Helmeted. M

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