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Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1001 Phrygia Biblical Dry; barren F
1002 Phurah Biblical That bears fruit; or grows F

1003 Phygellus Biblical Fugitive. F
1004 Phylacteries Biblical Things to be especially observed. F
1005 Pi-beseth Biblical Abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast F
1006 Pi-hahiroth Biblical The mouth, the pass of Hiroth. F
1007 Pisgah Biblical Hill, eminence, fortress. F
1008 Pisidia Biblical Pitch, pitchy. F
1009 Pison Biblical Changing, extension of the mouth. F
1010 Pithom Biblical Their mouthful, a dilatation of the mouth. F
1011 Pochereth Biblical Cutting of the mouth of warfare. F
1012 Pontus Biblical The sea. F
1013 Prisca Biblical Ancient. F

1014 Priscilla Biblical Ancient F
1015 Puah Biblical Mouth, corner, bush of hair. F
1016 Pudens Biblical Shamefaced. F
1017 Punites Biblical Beholding, my face. F
1018 Punon Biblical Precious stone, that beholds. F
1019 Pur Biblical Lot. F
1020 Purim Biblical Lot. F

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