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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2301 Sia Biblical Moving, help. M
2302 Sibbechai Biblical Bough, cottage, of springs. M

2303 Sibboleth Biblical Ear of corn, stream or flood. M
2304 Sibmah Biblical Conversion, captivity. M
2305 Sichem Biblical Portion, shoulder. M
2306 Siddim Biblical The tilled field. M
2307 Sidon Biblical hunting, fishing, venison. M
2308 Sigionoth Biblical According to variable songs or tunes.. M
2309 Sihon Biblical Rooting out, conclusion. M
2310 Sihor Biblical Black, trouble (the river Nile). M
2311 Silas Biblical 'Three, or the third' M
2312 Silla Biblical Exalting. M
2313 Siloa Biblical Bough, weapon, armor. M

2314 Siloam Biblical Bough, weapon, armor. M
2315 Siloe Biblical Bough, weapon, armor. M
2316 Silvanus Biblical Who loves the forest. M
2317 Simeon Biblical That hears or obeys, that is heard M
2318 Simon Biblical That hears, that obeys. M
2319 Sin Biblical Bush. M
2320 Sinai Biblical A bush, enmity. M

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