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141 Griffyth ArthurianLegend A murderer. M
142 Griflet ArthurianLegend Returns Excalibur to the lake. M
143 Gringalet ArthurianLegend Gawain's horse. M
144 Gringolet ArthurianLegend Gawain's horse. M
145 Gryfflet ArthurianLegend Killed by Lancelot. M
146 Guerehes ArthurianLegend Brother of Gawain. M
147 Guivret ArthurianLegend A dwarf king. M
148 Gurgalan ArthurianLegend A pagan king. M
149 Hellekin ArthurianLegend French lover of Morgan le Fay. M

150 Hoel ArthurianLegend Father of Isolde. M
151 Houdain ArthurianLegend Tristan's dog. M
152 Houdenc ArthurianLegend Tristan's dog. M
153 Howel ArthurianLegend Killed by Arthur. M
154 Isdemus ArthurianLegend Knight of Arthur. M
155 Ither ArthurianLegend Killed by Percival. M
156 Johfrit ArthurianLegend A knight. M
157 Kaherdin ArthurianLegend Brother of Isolde. M
158 Kanelinqes ArthurianLegend Father of Tristan. M
159 Kardeiz ArthurianLegend Son of Percival. M
160 Kay ArthurianLegend Son of Ector. M

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