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81 Dulani African Malawian name meaning 'cutting'. M
82 Dumaka African Nigerian name meaning 'help out'. M
83 Ebo African Ghanian name given to a child born on Tuesday. M
84 Ehioze African Nigerian name meaning 'not jealous'. M
85 Ekon African Strong. (Nigerian). M
86 Enam African Ghanian name meaning 'gift from God'. M
87 Essien African Name given to the sixth-born. M
88 Faraji African Consolation. (Swahili). M
89 Fenyang African Botswanan name meaning 'conqueror'. M

90 Foluke African Nigerian name meaning 'placed in God's hands'. M
91 Fulumirani African Malawian name meaning 'a journey'. M
92 Funsan African Malawian name meaning 'request'. M
93 Fynn African Name of a river in Ghana. M
94 Hasan African Handsome (Swahili). M
95 Hasani African Handsome (Swahili). M
96 Hassain African Handsome (Swahili). M
97 Jabarl African Valiant. (Swahili). M
98 Jameelah African Chaste. (Somali) (Swahili). M
99 Jamilah African Variant of Jameelah: chaste. (Somali). M
100 Jamilia African Variant of Jameelah: chaste. (Swahili). M

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