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121 Zenobe Greek Born of Zeus. F
122 Zenobia Arabic Father's ornament. F
123 Zenobia Greek Born of Zeus. Famous bearer: Zenobia was ruler of Palmyra in the 3rd century. F
124 Zenobia Latin Queen Zenobia was third century ruler of the wealthy Arabian desert city of Palmyra. F
125 Zenochka Russian From Zeus. F
126 Zeny Russian Russian form of Eugenia: noble. F
127 Zephath Biblical Which beholds, that attends or that covers. F
128 Zephira Greek Of the west wind. F
129 Zephyr Greek Of the west wind. F

130 Zephyra Greek Of the west wind. F
131 Zera Hebrew Seed. F
132 Zera'im Hebrew Seed. F
133 Zeredah Biblical Ambush, change of dominion. F
134 Zereld Teutonic Armored battle maiden. F
135 Zerelda Teutonic Armored battle maiden. F
136 Zerelde Teutonic Armored battle maiden. F
137 Zeresh Biblical Misery, strange, dispersed inheritance. F
138 Zerlinda Hebrew Beautiful dawn. F
139 Zeruah Biblical Leprous, wasp, hornet. F
140 Zerubbabel Biblical A stranger at Babylon, dispersion of confusion. F

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