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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
321 Lenmana NativeAmerican Flute girl (Hopi). F
322 Lenora English Shining light. Variant of Eleanor. F

323 Lenore French Variant of Eleanor: A variant of Helen introduced into Britain in 12th century AD by King Henry II's wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. F
324 Lenore Greek Light. F
325 Lenusy Russian Flower. F
326 Leoarrie Latin Lioness. F
327 Leoda German Of the people. F
328 Leodora Latin Lioness. F
329 Leoine Latin Lioness. F
330 Leola French Loyal. Loyalty. Faithful. F
331 Leola Italian Lion. F
332 Leola Teutonic Dear. F
333 Leoline Latin Lioness. F

334 Leoma English Bright. F
335 Leona French Lion; lioness. Feminine of Leon. F
336 Leona Greek Feminine form of Leon: A variant of Leo: Lion. F
337 Leona Latin Lioness. F
338 Leonarda French Lion. F
339 Leonarda Greek Light. F
340 Leonce Latin Lioness. F

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