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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
401 Ahlaam Muslim Variant of Ahlam: Dreams. Utopia.. F
402 Ahlai Biblical Beseeching, sorrowing, expecting. F

403 Ahlam Muslim Dreams. Utopia.. F
404 Aholibah Biblical My tent or my tabernacle in her F
405 Aholibamah Biblical My tabernacle is exalted. F
406 Ahuda Hebrew Dearly loved. F
407 Ahuva Hebrew Dearly loved. F
408 Ahuzzah Biblical Possession, seizing, collecting. F
409 Ai Biblical Mass, heap. F
410 Aiath Biblical Mass, heap. An hour, eye, fountain. F
411 Aida English Wealthy. F
412 Aida French Help. F
413 Aida Italian Happy. Famous bearer: The Ethiopian princess in Verdi's opera Aida'. Also a Japanese surname: runs across the field. F

414 Aida Spanish Help. F
415 Aidan Irish Little fire. F
416 Aideen Irish Little fire. F
417 Aidia Spanish Help. F
418 Aidoios Greek Honored. F
419 Aieeda Muslim Variant of Aa'ida: Returness.. F
420 Aieeda Muslim Variant of Aa'ida: Returness.. F

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