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61 Walby English From the Welshman's dwellings. M
62 Walcot English Lives in the Welshman's cottage. M
63 Walcott English Lives in the Welshman's cottage. M
64 Waldemar German Famous ruler. M
65 Waldemar Polish Mighty or famous. M
66 Waldemar Teutonic Strong fighter. M
67 Waldemarr German Famous ruler. M
68 Waldemarr Teutonic Strong fighter. M
69 Walden English From the Welshman's valley. M

70 Walden German Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald. M
71 Walden Teutonic Strong fighter. M
72 Waldhramm German Ruling raven. M
73 Waldifrid German Peaceful ruler. M
74 Waldmunt German Mighty protector. M
75 Waldo English 'Powerful.' Abbreviation of Oswald. M
76 Waldo German Powerful; ruler. Famous Bearer: philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1832). Abbreviation of Oswald. M
77 Waldo Teutonic Strong fighter. M
78 Waldon English From the Welshman's hill. M
79 Waldram Teutonic Mighty raven. M
80 Waldrom German Ruling raven. M

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