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1381 Sumerton English From the summer estate. M
1382 Sumertun English From the summer estate. M
1383 Sumner English Summoner. M
1384 Sumner French A summoner. M
1385 Sun Irish From the town by the river Boyn. M
1386 Sunreet Indian Pure. M
1387 Sunukkuhkau NativeAmerican He crushes (Algonquin). M
1388 Suoud Muslim Good luck.. M
1389 Sur Biblical That withdraws or departs, rebellion. M

1390 Surrey Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Earl of Surrey, one of the King's party. 'King Henry the Eighth' Earl of Surrey. 'King Richard The Second' Duke of Surrey. 'King Richard III' Earl of Surrey, son to the Duke of Norfolk. M
1391 Surtr Norse A mythical giant. M
1392 Susi Biblical Horse, swallow, moth. M
1393 SutcIyf English From the south cliff. M
1394 Sutcliff English From the south cliff. M
1395 Sutekh Egyptian Son of Seb and Nut. M
1396 Suthclif English From the south cliff. M
1397 Sutherland Norse From the south. M
1398 Sutherland Scottish From Sutherland. M
1399 Suthfeld English From the south field. M
1400 Suthleah English From the south meadow. M

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