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1321 Stocwiella English From the tree stump spring. M
1322 Stod English Horse. M
1323 Stodd English Horse. M
1324 Stoddard English Keeper of horses. M
1325 Stoffel Greek Christ bearer. M
1326 Stok English From the tree stump. M
1327 Stoke English From the village. M
1328 Stoner English Stone. M
1329 Stoney English Nickname based on the word 'stone.' Stone. M

1330 Storm Anglo-Saxon Storm. M
1331 Storm English Tempest. M
1332 Storm Teutonic Storm - bad weather. Surname. M
1333 Storme English Tempest. M
1334 Stowe English Place. M
1335 Strahan Irish Poet. M
1336 Strang Anglo-Saxon Strong. M
1337 Strang English Powerful. M
1338 Stratford English From the river ford on the street. M
1339 Strato Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A servant to Brutus. M
1340 Strod English From the thicket. M

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