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81 Sagheer Muslim Variant of Saghir: Small. Minor. Submissive. Yielding.. M
82 Saghir Arabic Short. M
83 Saghir Muslim Small. Minor. Submissive. Yielding.. M
84 Sagramour ArthurianLegend A knight. M
85 Sagremor ArthurianLegend A knight. M
86 Sahak Armenian Armenian form of Isaac. M
87 Sahale NativeAmerican Falcon. M
88 Sahan Indian Falcon. M
89 Sahen Indian Above. M

90 Sahib Muslim Companion. Follower.. M
91 Sahir Arabic Wakeful. M
92 Sahir Indian Friend. M
93 Sahir Muslim Charming. Enchanting. Wakeful.. M
94 Said Persian Happy. M
95 Saif Muslim Sword. Saber.. M
96 Saith Welsh Seven. M
97 Sajag Indian Watchful. M
98 Sajid Muslim Prostrator. Adotar. One who worships God.. M
99 Sajjaad Muslim Variant of Sajjad: Worshipper of Allah.. M
100 Sajjad Muslim Worshipper of Allah.. M

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