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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
281 Saxon German Dagger; short sword. In the 5th century, the Germanic Saxons frequently invaded Britain. M
282 Saxon Teutonic Swordsman, Knife. Saxons were among the Germanic tribes who invaded and settled 5th century England. M

283 Saxton Teutonic Swordsman. Knife. M
284 Say Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Lord Say. M
285 Sayeed Muslim Variant of Sayid: Master.. M
286 Sayer Welsh Carpenter. M
287 Sayers Welsh Carpenter. M
288 Sayfuddeen Muslim Variant of Sayfuddin: Sword of the Faith.. M
289 Sayfuddin Muslim Sword of the Faith.. M
290 Sayid Muslim Master.. M
291 Sayre Welsh Carpenter. M
292 Sayres Welsh Carpenter. M
293 Sayyid Arabic Master. M

294 Sayyid Muslim Variant of Sayid: Master.. M
295 Scadwiella English From the shed spring. M
296 Scaffeld English From the crooked field. M
297 Scales Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Lord Scales. M
298 Scand Anglo-Saxon Disgrace. M
299 Scandleah English From the loud meadow. M
300 Scandy English Boisterous. M

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