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1441 Murdoch Celtic Seaman. M
1442 Murdoch Gaelic Mariner. M
1443 Murdoch Scottish Protector of the sea. M
1444 Murdock Celtic Seaman. M
1445 Murdock Scottish Protector of the sea. M
1446 Mureed Muslim Variant of Murid: Follower. Desirous. Student.. M
1447 Murid Muslim Follower. Desirous. Student.. M
1448 Murphey Irish Seawarrior. M
1449 Murphy Irish Seawarrior. M

1450 Murray Celtic Lives by the sea. M
1451 Murray Irish Lord of the sea. M
1452 Murray Scottish From the sea. Ancient Scottish clan surname. M
1453 Murrough Irish Fighter of the sea. M
1454 Murry Celtic Lives by the sea. M
1455 Murry Irish Lord of the sea. M
1456 Murshid Muslim Spiritual Guide. Advisor.. M
1457 Mursil Muslim Envoy. Missionary.. M
1458 Murtadhy Muslim Satisfied. Content.. M
1459 Murtagh Celtic Protects the sea. M
1460 Murtaugh Irish Surname. M

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