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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
381 Jeffrey Teutonic God's peace. M
382 Jeffry English Peaceful. Variant of Jeffrey. M

383 Jegar-sahadutha Biblical Heap of witness. M
384 Jehaleleel Biblical Praising God, clearness of God. M
385 Jehalelel Biblical Praising God, clearness of God. M
386 Jehaziel Biblical Seeing God. M
387 Jehdeiah Biblical Joy together; one Lord M
388 Jeheiel Biblical God liveth. M
389 Jehezekel Biblical Strength of God M
390 Jehiah Biblical The Lord liveth. M
391 Jehiskiah Biblical The strength, or taking, of the Lord. M
392 Jehoadah Biblical Passing over, testimony of the Lord. M
393 Jehoahaz Biblical Possession of the Lord. M

394 Jehoash Biblical Fire of the Lord M
395 Jehohanan Biblical Grace, or mercy, or gift, of the Lord. M
396 Jehoiachin Biblical Preparation; or strength; of the Lord M
397 Jehoiada Biblical Knowledge of the Lord. M
398 Jehoiakim Biblical Avenging; or establishing; or resurrection; of the Lord M
399 Jehoiarib Biblical Fighting; or multiplying; of the Lord M
400 Jehoichin Hebrew Jehovah has established. M

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