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341 Iswara Hindi A personal god. M
342 Itai Hebrew Friendly. M
343 Italy Biblical Abounding with calves or heifers. M
344 Ithai Biblical Strong, my sign, a plowshare. M
345 Ithamar Biblical Island of the palm-tree. M
346 Ithel Welsh Generous lord. M
347 Ither ArthurianLegend Killed by Percival. M
348 Ithiel Biblical Sign; or coming of God M
349 Ithmah Biblical An orphan. M

350 Ithran Biblical Remaining, searching out diligently. M
351 Ithream Biblical Excellence of the people. M
352 Ittah-kazin Biblical Hour; or time; of a prince M
353 Ittamar Hebrew Island of palms. M
354 Iturea Biblical Guarded, mountainous. M
355 Itzhak Israeli Laughter. Variant of Hebrew Isaac. M
356 Iulus Latin Son of Aeneas. M
357 Iustig Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M
358 Iuwine Anglo-Saxon Friend. M
359 Ivah Biblical Iniquity. M
360 Ivan Greek Glorious gift. M


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