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81 Gall Gaelic Stranger. M
82 Gallagher Gaelic Eager helper. M
83 Gallagher Irish Surname. M
84 Gallgaidheal Gaelic Of the strange Gauls. M
85 Gallim Biblical Who heap up, who cover M
86 Gallio Biblical Who sucks, or lives on milk. M
87 Galloway Gaelic Of the strange Gauls. M
88 Gallus Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Caesar. M
89 Galm Norse Father of Thorvald. M

90 Galt English From the high ground. M
91 Galtem Italian Italian form of Walter 'strong warrior'. M
92 Galterio Italian Italian form of Walter 'strong warrior'. M
93 Galtero Spanish Spanish form of Walter 'strong warrior'. M
94 Galtero Teutonic Powerful ruler. M
95 Galton English From the town on the high ground. M
96 Galvarium ArthurianLegend A knight. M
97 Galvin Celtic Sparrow. M
98 Galvin Gaelic White. M
99 Galvin Irish Sparrow. M
100 Galvyn Celtic Sparrow. M

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